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Do you qualify for an Inheritance Cash Advance - U.S.A. or Canada?

Are you an Heir of a Probate or Trust, expecting an Inheritance of $15,000 or more?

Is your Probate or Trust Fund taking longer to distribute than you originally thought?

If you answered “YES”, then Apply Now!

Get an Inheritance Cash Advance or Inheritance Loan of $5,000 to $1,000,000+ typically in 72 hours.

Services for Heirs
  • Inheritance Cash Advance
  • Trust Fund Loan
  • Probate Estate Loan
  • Trust Inheritance Advance

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How Does Probate or Trust Advance Work?

Once approved, provides you, the Heir, with a Probate or Trust Loan or Inheritance Advance based upon your share of the Estate or Trust. We are paid strictly from the Estate or Trust, so you can sit back, relax and wait for your Inheritance Advance to arrive in only a few days! No delays. No extensive paperwork. In more technical terms, in order to provide Heirs such as yourself with an Inheritance Advance, we advance funds to you prior to the close of a Probate or distribution of a Trust.

The Inheritance Advance Process?

We purchase a specific dollar amount of your Inheritance, and this is how you obtain your Inheritance Advance rapidly and securely. We give you cash now (your Inheritance Cash Advance), and then we wait to get paid from the Estate or Trust when it finally distributes. At that point we are paid what we are owed, and the balance is paid to the Heir from the Estate or Trust. The important point is: we do all the work!

Inheritance Advance Benefits?

You get the benefits of an Inheritance Advance now, with virtually no waiting at all. Our proprietary loan and trust fund advance process does not slow up or disrupt the normal probate or trust distribution process. Your Inheritance Advance does not affect other heirs' shares of the Estate or Trust. If there are not sufficient funds to pay us what we are owed from the Estate or Trust after you receive your Inheritance Advance... that's our problem. You do not have to pay us anything.

Why do Heirs and Attorneys Trust Us?

Financial security. Inheritance Advance is paid directly from the Estate or Trust -- not from you, the Heir. Our Probate and Trust Inheritance Advances are are non-recourse which means you, the Heir, is never responsible for paying us back. Inheritance Advance gets paid solely from the Estate or Trust, which is one of the main reasons our Inheritance Advance service is preferred by Probate Attorneys, Beneficiaries and Heirs throughout America and Canada. Our Inheritance Advance service is the Estate Loan option that Heirs and Beneficiaries, Executors, Administrators, Trustees and Attorneys can all depend on without question.

Speak with an Inheritance Advance Advisor right now: 1-800-775-8044

Getting an Inheritance Advance has never been easier!

Our Probate Loan and Trust Fund Loan Inheritance Advance Funding Managers are cordial, professional Inheritance Advance specialists, experienced in moving Heirs and Beneficiaries quickly forward on the road to financial security with a fast Inheritance Cash Advance or Loan.

In only a few days after completing your Inheritance Advance paperwork, you will have turned a portion of your Inheritance into ready cash. Inheritance Advance provides you with an Inheritance Advance based upon your share of the Estate or Trust containing your Inheritance. We are paid strictly from the Estate. Just sit back, relax and wait for your Inheritance Cash Advance to arrive! We do all the work.